Recommended website: The Man in Seat Sixty-One

A couple of years ago, I helped plan a 6 week overland Africa trip for someone. He was travelling from S. Africa via Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and finally to Ethiopia. It was a pretty tight schedule, in terms of the places he wanted to visit along the way and it required a lot of careful planning, also due to the safety aspect of a first time visitor travelling alone through these countries.

During my research I came across the Man in Seat Sixty-One , which helped immensely in planning the route. It is packed full of up-to-date information and advice on travelling by rail through all corners of the world.

Additionally, it is easy to navigate and is written with a cut-to-the-chase approach. More importantly, this website helps to take the fear out of inter-country rail travel.

I am amazed that I hadn’t discovered it earlier, since the site has a huge following and has won numerous travel awards. It is now my first point of reference when planning any rail trip.